Social Service Activitie

Providing better education for the better future is on one side; where in the other side of the foundation has occupied with serving the needy through conglomerating local communities to encourage education among the children, providing basic amenities for rural poor & disabled, promoting sanitation and health care for the under privileged sections of the society.

Besides providing the needful to the needy, the foundation has realized the contemporary need to cultivate the growth aspect of “the backbone of India” i.e., undertaking economically backward villages to improve the living standards and to make them future targeted. With that regard, the foundation has adopted Suraram and Dandu Malkapuram backward villages in 2002 and 2007 respectively.  The foundation has even carried out so many other public service activities in historic Warangal District, AP too.

Village Adoptions :

Suraram village, Mahaboobnagar district, AP in 2002:

Dandu Malkapuram Village, Nalgonda District, AP in 2007:

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